What types of massage therapy do I offer?

Many of my clients ask about my massage therapy modalities... the types of massage I give.  I am trained in swedish, sports and deep tissue massage, craniosacral, myotherapy and reflexology.  What I find, though, is that most clients are best served by a massage that blends these methods.  I apply different massage modalities at different times and to different parts of your body, depending on how you feel when you arrive for your appointment.  I will tailor your massage to your preference; I will also adjust your massage therapy based on my assessment of your physical needs.  Learn more about the modalities I offer.

Why get massage therapy?

My core practice is built around the needs of competitive endurance athletes, including triathletes, marathoners and cyclists.  As an avid hiker and former recreational body builder, I understand the complex muscular and connective tissue issues that arise from heavy activity... and the related injuries.   I am also focused on discomfort that arises from repetitive use.  Most of us do not think about what happens to our bodies when we hold the same position or repeat the same action over prolonged periods. 

Massage therapy can provide tremendous benefits in both of these scenarios.  Our bodies (and muscles) form habits, and overused muscles can tighten, pulling other body parts out of alignment and forcing us to repeat the same destructive behavior. Through relaxing overused and stressed muscles and releasing restricted and adhered tissue, massage therapy creates an opportunity to change these postural habits.

Nurturing touch and relaxation are other vital components of massage therapy.  In the modern world we are constantly bombarded by stressors... there are a million emails, tasks, errands, people who need us and insufficient time to do all of the things we think we should accomplish.  Receiving massage allows us to take a quiet break and focus on the subtleties of our bodies.  Give yourself permission to spend some time on my massage table and focus on your breathing and unwinding your body.  Deep relaxation provides countless benefits.

I use natural, hypoallergenic lotions and oils, with aromatherapy available upon request.  

About me

I spent my childhood in Michigan and have lived in Arizona for ten years.  My biggest passion is being an active and engaged dad, and in my spare time I like to maintain an active lifestyle, spending as much time as I can outdoors.  

I love being a massage therapist and am grateful every day that I have found a profession where I can help others lead happier, healthier lives. 

I look forward to meeting you.  

- Eric Spore, Licensed Massage Therapist


Client Testimonials

Phoenix, AZ

"Eric is a talented massage therapist. He has a really grounding demeanor, adapts his treatments to your needs on a session by session basis and delivers fantastically relaxing massages. I get migraines and this is one of the few treatments that work. I fall asleep (and feel much better) every time I am on the table!"

-Emily, Phoenix, Arizona

"Eric clearly cares about his work and takes the time to discover what you want out of your session. Once he begins work, you know immediately that he is confident in his abilities and that he will do whatever he can to make you feel better, or just feel relaxed."

-Nicole, Phoenix, Arizona

By Appointment.   Phone: 928-242-3899    Email: espore_lmt@yahoo.com 

Eric Spore, LMT

Central Phoenix Massage